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“Just because the bullet didn’t hit you, doesn’t mean you forget how close you were to that bullet.”

- Author Latosha Faulkner


Who Is Latosha Faulkner?

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Author Latosha Faulkner is from a small town known as Lambert, MS. She worked as a caregiver for over 10 years and has sincere interest in people and their everyday challenges surrounded by life. She experienced her own share of life problems that personally uncovered a different outlook on life. Therefore, it is no surprise that she wrote “Silently Betrayed,” aiming at exposing the menace of stigma against people living with HIV. It is her desire to help those suffering in silence live their best lives, with or without their status known to the public. Latosha has made steps to further her studies so as to obtain her Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling. This would enable her to educate, counsel, and support people living with Mental Health Disorders, HIV/AIDS, and unexpected life situations.

Silently Betrayed

Pain, betrayal and loss in this thought-provoking inspirational romance story...

Silently Betrayed is a fictional novel based on true events. It tells the story of twenty-five-year-old Hope. After an abusive relationship and finally a chance at love again, life takes a surprising turn as Hope finds out she is HIV POSITIVE. Her status is not as shocking as the underlying secret she discovers. With her world crashing before her eyes, she goes on a journey of self-discovery, under-covering revelations she never would’ve guessed happened. The biggest question remains; who gave her HIV? Would Hope ever be able to combat her inner demons and face the harsh realities of life? Would she ever learn to let go and forgive, in order to seek happiness?

This story chronicles her experiences taking her medications for the first time and also revealing her status to others. One may never understand the challenges and changes Hope faced until they read her story, from the very beginning where it all started.

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Silently Betrayed-eBook $9.99

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Silently Betrayed-eBook $9.99

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