Latosha Faulkner

Author Latosha Faulkner is from a small town known as Lambert, MS. She worked as a caregiver for over 10 years and has sincere interest in people and their everyday challenges surrounded by life. She experienced her own share of life problems that personally uncovered a different outlook on life. Therefore, it is no surprise that she wrote “Silently Betrayed,” aiming at exposing the menace of stigma against people living with HIV. It is her desire to help those suffering in silence live their best lives, with or without their status known to the public. Latosha has made steps to further her studies so as to obtain her Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling. This would enable her to educate, counsel, and support people living with Mental Health Disorders, HIV/AIDS, and unexpected life situations.

Latosha started writing at the age of 10. Writing became her go to as a way to cope during her hard times.


She encourages others to walk in a light that can never be dark again, a walk in FAITH that is. Her favorite quote to others remains, “Just because the bullet didn’t hit you, doesn’t mean you forget how close you were to that bullet.”


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About Defeat Da Purpose

DefeatdaPurpose was created to help support, encourage, guide, and inspire those suffering from mental health disorders, diseases, stigma, and overwhelming (unbearable) life experiences. It takes a lot of time and money invested to effectively help as many people as possible. You never know when someone you know is afraid to come to you with their issues. Help us be there for others that’s suffering in silence.


I, Latosha Faulkner, will work as an advocacy, speaking about the stigma against HIV, depression, anxiety, and more. I will uplift those that’s still holding on and fighting to overcome their challenges. Once the right licenses are obtained, I also look forward to counseling on a deeper level. Until then, DefeatdaPurpose will put people in contact with licensed providers that can help immediately. A part of the donations will help pay for private counseling visits, traveling expenses for advocacy, certificate program (Person of the Month certificate/gift) to help decrease suicide, and more.

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